About Us

Geneva Breathes is a non-profit organization offering free mindfulness classes and sponsoring community events to fulfill our mission and share our values. 


Share the gift of mindfulness to enhance connection and enrich all lives


Unity and Acceptance

Curiosity and Connection

Presence and Balance

Wholeness and Empowerment

Our Story

When we came together in the summer of 2022, we were feeling the heaviness and the weariness of the changes brought about by two years of grappling with the pandemic. In our own community, we were seeing the impact of these changes and connecting to our own suffering as well as the suffering of others. We knew firsthand how empowering mindfulness can be in creating a “choiceful” life, where regardless of what is going on around us, we can choose peace in any moment. We felt compelled to share what we knew about this practice of living in the moment to alleviate the suffering we were seeing and to build a sense of  community one breath at a time. And so Geneva Breathes was born.

Meet the Tower

Margaret Newland, MS, RYT

Director, Presenter, Facilitator

Lisa Pietrocarlo, MS, RYT


Arlene Eddington, MS


Michelle Loheac, BA, RYT


Toni Shama, BS, BA, RYT