Geneva Breathes offers a variety of fee-based opportunities for individuals and organizations to welcome and cultivate mindfulness based practices. Our facilitators are highly qualified with extensive experience in studying, practicing and teaching mindfulness.  For more info,  click on the Contact button below and/or request an appointment to discuss customized options for your group or organization.

Facilitator: Margaret Newland, MS, E-RYT

NVC, Non-Violent Communication

Based on the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg where conflict is transformed into connection. In this workshop, participants will learn about letting go of their inner critic, seeing the common needs shared by all humans, and ways to cultivate peaceful interactions, even in the most challenging circumstances. Courses: Intro to NVC, Choices in Practicing, Concepts of NVC, Building Community.  


Creating a New Narrative

A 4 week program of transformation and renewal,  letting go of patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve us  and creating ones that do. We will learn how to cultivate a “choiceful” life welcoming the freedom to craft our own stories. “Your words create your world”.

In addition to 4 two hour weekly workshops, study materials and personalized feedback will be provided. Past programs have included a focus on Healing, Relationships, and Life Transition narratives.

Stress Reduction

A two hour workshop to examine current ways of managing stressors in our lives, explore effectiveness of various coping mechanisms, and practice techniques to welcome relaxation. This workshop is recommended for anyone who is experiencing the wear and tear of daily stressors, but especially for those new to mindfulness practice.


Margaret has been studying, practicing and teaching mindfulness for over 20 years and completed Yoga, Advanced Yoga, and Pre-natal Yoga Teacher Training at Open Sky Yoga. In addition to her many years teaching yoga and mindfulness, she holds a masters degree in Human Development from University of Rochester. She has been an adjunct faculty member at Finger Lakes Community College since 1994 teaching Psychology, Stress Reduction and Health, among others. She has worked as a facilitator for Ontario County Office for the Aging, Wegmans, Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester and Cornell University.