Sense of Self-Worth

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Father and daughter walking at sunset outdoors.


Sense of Self-Worth in Parenting

It seems as though parenting practices are constantly put under the microscope to be judged and evaluated. And though there are some practices well-supported in child development, much of what we actually do in parenting is done “on the fly” sometimes resulting in precious, life affirming memories, while others, well, not so much. If you find in these moments that your sense of worth as a parent is impacted by both inner and outer judges, hit the pause button. Be present with the following mantra: I am doing the best I can with what I have. Repeat until you feel a shift; a sense of peace and validation arises in you. It does not mean the inner judge is gone for good, but this is an important first step in dimishing the power of that inner critic. 


  1. Mia Petronio

    Great read!

  2. Michelle

    Yes! Giving ourselves grace also helps us to extend that same compassion to our children. I find that when I’m critical with myself that harshness spills over into my parenting as well, and when I’m kind and gentle with myself it extends to my interactions with others.


      Giving ourselves grace. So serendipitous that you posted this yesterday. At the Mother’s Circle event yesterday led by GB member, Toni Shama, that theme came up repeatedly. Being kind and gentle with ourselves lays the groundwork for working with long-held pain and, eventually, welcoming forgiveness into our lives.


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